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  • Focused on Minerals, Renewable Energy, and Agriculture development in Africa
  • Comprises a specialist team of multi-disciplinary development professionals.
  • Committed to responsible and hands-on development accountability

  • Africa has become a beacon of potential in the global economy, through expanding Intra-Africa trade, development and investment opportunities throughout the Continent.
  • The rapidly emerging mining, energy and agricultural industries exemplify this contention.
       IDM Africa (IDMA):
  • Comprises an in-house and associated specialist team of multi-disciplinary professionals.
  • Committed to responsible, hands-on, organised and direct accountability to its clients, under a single and coordinated organisational banner.
  • Provides a niche suite of professional and integrated development management services throughout Africa.
  • Minerals
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Project Integration: Conservation; Environment; Tourism
  • To identify and embrace strategic development opportunities throughout Africa from an informed, responsible and integrated perspective
  • Rural land owners and development rights’ holders
  • Private companies and individuals
  • Investor entities
  • Financial and banking institutions
  • International funding organisations
  • Development entities and agencies
  • Government; quasi-government and NGOs
  • Assessment, analysis, facilitation, coordination, and implementation of a wide range of development opportunities in Africa, from project inception to completion.
  • The formulation of development applications, the securing of applicable authorisations, and the management of investor opportunities.
  • Project delivery, management, monitoring and compliance.
IDMA’s professional team comprises both in-house, associated and outsourced specialist practitioners (intra-Africa), with capacity, ability and experience in the following key disciplines:
  • Legal
  • Environmental
  • Engineering and GIS
  • Geology
  • Agricultural science and economics
  • Social and Socio-economic
  • Financial modelling
  • Project directorship