IDMA’s professional team’s individual and collective experience is both diverse and extensive, which, in varying degrees of applicability relative to the company’s key purpose, extends throughout the following African countries:

South Africa • Lesotho • Swaziland • Botswana • Namibia • Mozambique • Zimbabwe • Angola • Nigeria • Cameroon • Congo (Republic and Democratic Republic) • Ethiopia • Kenya • Malawi • Zambia • Sierra Leone • Tanzania • Senegal • Mauritania • Ivory Coast • Liberia • Uganda • Guinea • Ghana




BA LLB LLM (Master’s Development, Planning and Environmental Law) (Stel)
Managing Director

Karl is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa and is the founder of IDMA.

He has an extensive and diverse range of development and project directorship skills within the legal and regulatory realm, with a particular focus on professional team management and project coordination. With over twenty years of relevant experience in sub-Saharan Africa, Karl is well-placed to assess, direct and advise IDMA’s clients on a wide range of development and investment opportunities in relation to the company’s key focus industries.


MSc (Master’s Environmental Science) (UKZN)
Environmental Assessment Specialist

Novashni is a professional natural scientist with key experience in environmental impact assessments, water treatment, energy production, strategic (regional) planning, and linear developments (including roads and pipelines).


MSocSci (Master’s Town and Regional Planning) (UKZN)
Spatial Planning, Renewable Energy and GIS Specialist

Phumlani has specific skills and experience in spatial and regional planning, renewable energy and GIS.

His experience includes human settlement development, geo-informatics remote sensing, GIS data capturing, analysis and manipulation, and geo-database management. His progression in the industry of renewable energy includes a developing focus on solar, biomass, geothermal, wind and hydropower energy.

Independent Association

Apart from IDMA’s professional team of in-house specialists, the company has entered into a formal association with the following strategic independent professionals who retain their own individual and corporate identity through their own respective organisations.


BCom (LAW) LLB LLM (Master’s Marine and Environmental Law) (UCT)
International Environmental Law Specialist

Ernesta is an admitted attorney in South Africa, specialising in international and national environmental law.

Her professional focus includes legal analysis, research, review and drafting of opinions. She has worked with the United Nations on a broad range of international environmental law topics, and is knowledgeable in international trade principles, trade control systems and climate change.


BSc (Agriculture and Wildlife Science) (UKZN)
Project Management and Eco-tourism Specialist

Michael has specific qualifications and experience in project management, agricultural economics and eco-tourism.

He adds strategic value to IDMA though his extensive experience in the eco-tourism industry, with a particular focus on tourism impact assessments, business plans, feasibility studies, market analysis, strategies and planning, and international investment facilitation.


MSocSci Hons (Master’s Anthropology) (UCT)
Social Facilitation and Compliance Specialist

Greg has over twenty years of experience in the research and consultancy fields throughout Africa…

with a particular focus on the water, mining and bio-energy sectors. He specialises in social impact assessment, resettlement and development planning, which includes IFC compliance auditing and reports prepared to World Bank and IFC standards.


Doctor in Engineering (Civil); Pr, TechEng; BTech (Town & Regional Planning)
Specialist Engineer

Shian has a doctorate in engineering and serves as an independent, external review and advisory specialist to IDMA.

He has fifteen years of extensive experience in the delivery of a wide variety of engineering-based infrastructure projects throughout Africa, with a specific focus on sustainable infrastructure development and green design solutions.


MSc (Master’s Environmental Science), BSc (Hons) Marine Ecology (UKZN)
Environmental Specialist and Project Liaison

Carla’s work over the past 15 years has included the development…

implementation, coordination and monitoring of compliance strategies and sustainability plans for corporate clients that accomplish conservation and sustainable development within the company, including solid waste recycling, energy conservation, greenhouse gas reduction, water conservation and environmental reporting.


MSc (Master’s Agriculture, Agribusiness, Animal Science) (UKZN)
Agricultural Economist and Agribusiness Specialist

Justin is an agricultural economist and agribusiness specialist…

with extensive experience in project management, business development, financial and economic analyses, farm and business planning, statistical analyses, and strategic and spatial planning. His experience includes contributing to and managing several large and small scale agricultural, sustainable development and spatial planning projects throughout sub-Saharan Africa.